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Peanut butter toast

Updated: Feb 6

Have you ever tried to make your own homemade peanut butter or jam, if not, I really suggest you'd give it a go because there is nothing more satisfying.

There is a first time for everything right, I always enjoy discovering how products we know our whole lives are being produced or what's in it. Recently we are being told so much what's good, what isn't....in the end you feel like you can't eat anything anymore. However there is always a way, by producing as much you can yourself. This way you nearly always know what you're eating, then again you're never really sure.

That is exactly what happened when I searched for a peanut butter recipe. Apparently I needed only 1 ingredient, a food processor and some patience.

I know it looks like a mess and that's exactly what it is when you pass trough my kitchen after creating a post for a photo shoot. I'm sure you could get an even better texture if you are in possession of a good food processor, mine has it's age and this is the best I could come up with. The taste is marvelous and that's what matters, right?

As I mentioned before, you'll need only 1 ingredient and that's peanuts, mine were toasted and a bit salty. I used one little packet, 200g to be precise. You just add them to your food processor and give it a go, you will see that first you will become a flour kind-of texture but you have to be patient. You also have to be nice and considered to your machine because you don't want it to overheat. I left it on and off during around 10 minutes and had dinner in the meantime. You will notice that in the end you will become a real nice and liquid texture.

Now you should transfer the gorgeousness to a jar with a lid on it and have the patience to wait a few more hours before consuming, you will notice that after a few hours in the fridge it will become more creamy and dense.

Ready for a ton of possibilities that I myself still have to discover.

Here you have my first creation and I tell you, combined with the right amount of fruits, it tastes heavenly.

Peanut butter is a food made from finely ground peanuts. Peanut butter, in its current spreadable form, is native to Montreal Canada, where it was developed by Marcellus Edson in 1884, at the time of a surplus in peanut production. Peanut butter was the byproduct of peanut oil. It is particularly popular as a sandwich spread in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and to a lesser extent in Suriname (especially a sharper variety) and Germany. In the United States, peanut butter is legally required to contain at least 90% peanuts. Moreover, it is prohibited by law to add artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives to the peanut butter. Most varieties also contain salt and sugar to suit the tastes of the average consumer, although reform and other varieties are also sold without additives. In addition to peanut butter for human consumption, there is also peanut butter for birds. This usually does not contain added salts.

Isn't that interesting to know 🤔

Now over to the other spectacular part (and my personal favorite) of the show, blueberry chia seed jam.

I made jam before but this time I didn't feel the need to start cooking.

I had still some frozen blueberries laying around in my fridge, defrosted, all I did was adding a tiny bit of sugar and 2 tbsp of chia seeds. I guess I used 100g of those leftover berries.

The idea was to make it less liquid and spreadable because I had that picture of that sandwich in my mind from the previous day. That's how it works, I have a picture in my mind for a food shot or a sandwich in this case, then I go find ways to put that idea into realization.

I think I nailed it but not from day one though, I made one yesterday but the result wasn't good enough to my expectations.

So here it is, the most original sandwich I have ever made and believe me when I say this combination is one to give a go.

Toast, homemade peanut butter, banana slices and homemade blueberry chia jam.

Adaptable for vegans but obviously not for those suffering from a nuts allergy 🤔

I hope you find this helpful, thank you for passing by.

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